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Our mission is to effectively change the global perspectives of self-worth and internal value as we communicate an appreciation for the specific level of importance that each individual brings to our society and our nation as a whole. MOTIV8U of North Central Florida, Inc. partners with various private and public organizations, businesses and educational institutions on the local, state, and federal level to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to experience this dynamic life changing U*R IMPT ™(You Are Important) program.

Company Overview:

MOTIV8U of North Central Florida, Inc. is a community-based, motivational training company that provides inspirational and engaging training programs to our public and private partners, various organizations, businesses, and educational institutions, with a focus geared towards serving our youth.   We help individuals understand their personal value, as well as the value of others.  As a result of what we do, participants will have a better understanding of who they are; build on individual strengths; identify areas of ineffectiveness, and improve their ability to relate to others.

General Information:

President/CEO of MOTIV8U of North Central Florida, Inc., John S. Rollins, brings to the table a wealth of experience in organizing, developing, and facilitating multi-faceted educational training programs. He is a retiree from the City of Gainesville where he invested over 25 years in various capacities. His last position prior to retirement was the Learning & Development Manager in the Human Resources Department. Some of his areas of expertise include leadership, management and supervisory development, customer service, conflict resolution, career progression, stress management, interpersonal and communication skills, and staff development.  John discovered that all successful individuals, regardless of their level of responsibility, possessed a similar set of skills. He now devotes his time and effort to sharing those success skills with others.  

What Others Are Saying:

“John’s positive attitude and motivational activities that he has introduced has made such a difference in the lives of our youth….One of John’s major strengths is his ability to work with people. He has an incredible gift of encouraging participation and cooperation from all.” Karen Alford, Youth Director, NBCOGBF

“Wonderful speaker; truly gifted.” ~ Student from Strategic Management
Florida Department of Revenue

“As a motivational leader/trainer, John has demonstrated time after time his unique talents for helping employees understand the significance of effective organizational leadership... Making this connection with the students is a personal character quality that is invaluable in the leadership training field.”
John E. Power, MA, CFCA, Alachua County Tax Collector

“I have known Mr. Rollins for more than twenty (20) years, professionally and personally. In my experience, he is a man of integrity, a skilled trainer and a progressive thinker.”
George Dix, Jr. CEO/Senior Pastor Passage Family Church


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  • Get help setting and following a personalized success journey.

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  • All individuals can succeed, provided they possess and use the skills.


4600 NW 143rd Street 

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Tel: 352-363-0230

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