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Are You Willing to Stand Alone?

How often have you found yourself in a place where it appeared you were all alone? Even when surrounded by a large group of people, we all have experienced that feeling when it seemed no one on the entire earth was able to relate to us.

On more than one occasion I am sure you have been put in a position, either by choice or at times by force, where you had to be willing to stand alone. You are not by yourself. At times you may find yourself in a predicament where you have to make a choice and the options seemed to land at polar opposites of the spectrum. Regardless of what choice you made, it's highly unlikely that you will end up on the final ballot for the “most popular” candidates. It's at those times that you resolve to do your research, consider the best alternative and then make the choice you feel was right – even if it means you have to be willing to stand alone.

Every person who has been credited with making a significant impact in humanity has found him or herself at the same point. Imagine trying to convince your colleagues that you have a solution to the kerosene lantern – you can actually have light to come from another source. I can only imagine the blank stares one would have had to face while trying to explain the concept of a self-propelled vehicle – one that did not need to be pulled by horses. There are so many other examples – a man flying, communication occurring over distance, landing on the moon! Oh, the insanity!

There will be times when you will be expected to make a decision that seems unpopular at the time. But the reason you are so confident in your stance is because you have access to information that others may not have. Some may call it confidence, belief, trust or faith. However, it is when you are willing to separate yourself from the crowd and do what, at the time, seems unthinkable that others will witness your courage. You may be labeled a pioneer. You may be crowned the ‘people’s champion.’ When the dust settles you may have now started a movement, created a following.

I assure you. It is never a good feeling when you have to stand alone. However, your willingness to do so may be just the thing that is necessary in order to create the next chapter of history.

Make a difference – on purpose.

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