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No Littering Permitted

I recall hearing a story from my mentor Zig Ziglar that revolved around a question that went something like this… What would you do if a person came to your home and dumped a large can of garbage onto your living room floor? Maybe you would call for law enforcement to arrest the person for destruction of property or threaten to beat the person up. Regardless of the approach you took, it is a given that you would make a point to tell everyone who would listen about this crazy person who dumped garbage on your floor.

When we give careful thought to it, we realize that every day we allow people to dump garbage into our minds and our hearts. We become the waste receptacle for gossip, lies, and hatred. Many times, the shows we watch on TV and the music we listen to dumps contaminating material into our lives – and we accept it without a thought.

How often do people place a higher value on the property they acquire than they do on their most important asset – their mind. We filter our water and our coffee but we allow all kinds of damaging ideas to enter our mind. There are fines of up to $500.00 for throwing litter onto the roadway, but every day, we allow information to enter our minds that is of the most poisonous, corrosive, and polluting sort and we do so without ever giving it a second thought.

Although we can’t do much about the things that we’ve faced in the past, we can consider adopting an attitude that no one will be able to come and litter our minds with garbage in the future. To accomplish that, there has to be some strict guidelines for monitoring the information that is presented to you. What are you watching on TV? Are the songs you listen to creating an environment for your intellectual growth?

Decide to only introduce information from sources that will build you up in the future and not destroy. Walking around with a “Do Not Litter” sign may be too extreme but it is totally acceptable to place a ban on anyone and anything that can potentially poison our most valuable asset – our mind.

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