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There's A Lion In the Street

What is the best excuse you have ever heard? A dog ate my homework. I was stuck in traffic. The alarm clock didn’t go off and children didn’t cooperate in the morning. The car would not start or the tire went flat. And for those conscienceless people, the same relative passed away at least three or four times.

Why do people use excuses? Because many of us can envision situations where these statements can reasonably happen. And if it can reasonably happen then someone would believe it if we said it. If the dog will chew up the newspaper, he could actually chew up the homework. There are times we find ourselves stuck behind slow traffic moving at a snail’s pace. A dead battery, a flat tire, uncooperative children, and the loss of a loved one are all incidents someone could possibly experience.

In the lines of the Bible, there is an account of someone who refused to leave his home because he stated that there could be a lion walking up and down the street. Think about it. If we made all of our decisions based on the possibility of something happening, the end result – nothing would ever get done.

It is so easy for me to offer an excuse for anything my heart is really not committed to. And there have been too many times to count when I regretted not following through on something because it was convenient to get out of it. Many times, before we even give the excuse, we have played and replayed the situation in our minds. And with each rehearsal, we find it easier to justify our decision. In fact we rationalize to the point where we convince ourselves that it would be foolish for us to even make the effort.

We have to learn to challenge the excuses. It is highly unlikely that one will find RESPONSIBILITY and EXCUSES to be traveling companions on any trip worth taking. In life, you have people who get results and you have people who give excuses as to why they did not get results. Each one of us can choose which type person we become.

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