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If you want to clear out a room of people, start telling everyone how bad things are for you. Play the 'victim' card. Most people have little tolerance for someone who always wants sympathy by sharing how unfair things have been for them.

Remember the old statement “you can lose the battle as long as you win the war.” I am a big advocate for choosing to be victorious over choosing to be a victim. I adopt and apply the mindset that it’s not over for me until I say it’s over. In fact, I think it is one of the hard and fast rules of the cosmos. Defeat is not defeat until it has been accepted as defeat.

So, are there circumstances in which we are victimized? Unequivocally, yes! It happens on a daily basis for everyone who walks on the earth. We are victims of our decisions. One of the basic laws of the universe is the law of cause and effect. Every time we make a decision, good or bad, we are left to the mercy of the consequence. Our activity or inactivity, is a decision that generates an outcome. The times we speak and the times we fail to speak all lead us down a path. I say, again, every decision we make results in a decision and all decisions result in consequences.

An HONEST evaluation of our current situation will reveal that OUR decisions have been a primary contributor to where we are today. There were things that happened to us that were beyond our control but for other outcomes, we were solely responsible. Not much can be done to undo what occurred in the past. However, we are in a good position to begin shaping our future. We create our best future by making better decisions today.

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