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Who Taught You How to Drive?

Not too long ago, there was a Pepsi commercial featuring Jeff Gordon, a successful race car driver, posing as someone interested in buying a car. The salesman, excited about making a sale, offers him a test drive having no idea that Jeff is a professional driver and ends up on the ride of his life.

When you learned to drive, did you require a resumé from your instructor before getting in the car? Did you ride with this person, observing the manner in which they drove?

The focus really isn’t on driving as much as it is monitoring the people who offer to “help” you out. Broke people probably don’t give the best financial advice. Input from the friend who is in between another relationship should be considered cautiously before applying such input to your situation.

Take flying lessons from the bird not the fish. Before you allow someone to pour into your life, at least make sure the individual is good at what they do.

When hiring new employees, some companies have a “learn-as-you-go” mentality while others use a “buddy system.” What is the challenge with this? Well, some new employees may never “go” because they are afraid of going in the wrong direction. Other times, the person offering the experience is a person who may be at odds with management and will contaminate the new employee. Still, other companies offer a training program for a few days, weeks or a few months. It has been proven that when the on-boarding process is sound, employees get off on the right track, and are more likely to buy in to the company. As a result, they become more productive both in the short-term and over a longer period.

Surround yourself with people with whom you can exchange value. You can make positive deposits in their life and they can, in turn, enhance your life.

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