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Paint the Faces on Your Clocks

This statement applies to every person who has lived long enough to celebrate their first birthday.

The time will come for some, or has already come for others, when you will have reached the point where you only have one year left to live. As morbid as it sounds, the reality is that it is true.

For the person older than one year, who died yesterday, there was a point exactly one year ago when the timer began ticking down. For the person who dies a year from now, the timer actually begins ticking down today.

Accepting this to be true possibly leaves us with an uncomfortable feeling of helplessness. Has my countdown already begun? Am I within my year now? If it has not already begun, when will it start? The humbling reality is that, for most of us, we don’t or won’t know when the timer begins.

I recently attended a funeral for a cousin who died at the age of 96. I once conducted the funeral services for a young man who was two. I am familiar with a story of a lady who was diagnosed with six months to live back in 1980. She lived until 2017. I was just recently informed of a person who died at the age of 23.

When confronted with the information I am presenting, there are a myriad of responses one could take, any of which could be appropriate, depending on the circumstances. I understand that to presume to know enough to recommend a course of action for one to take exercises an enormous amount of boldness on my part but I am willing to take that chance…

Here is what I have come to understand about time. Some can spend it. Others will invest it. Still others will waste it. Some may even be able to save some of it, and many try to manage it. But none can stop it and none can get it back. So what do we do to maximize it?

I am not sure who the original author was of this quote, but I heard and remembered it from the movie Hitch. “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

We can live our lives full of regrets – regrets for the mistakes we made or for the opportunities missed. But the outcomes remain unchanged. Decide to live life intentionally. Consider your choices. Make good decisions. Love with abandon. Be kind regardless. Forgive. Smile. Laugh out loud. Sing out loud. Dance. Hug tightly. Kiss passionately. Paint the faces of your clock with moments that capture your attention. Use all of your clocks - in your home, in the car, on the job, your watch and your cell phone. Create the kind of memories that will make you smile now, and when you recall them, you smile again, and again. That way when you notice that the timer is ticking, instead of being afraid, you get more excited.

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