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The Next Step

How many people do you know function with a “never-give-up” attitude? How many do you know who give up at the first sign of difficulty? What differentiates the two? I would say it's self-discipline. Some may call it perseverance, determination, or commitment.

We have all been told that Wheaties ® cereal is the breakfast of champions. If it is, then discipline makes up their lunch, dinner, and snacks. There are countless individuals that have talent but will never achieve greatness because they don’t display the attitude and characteristics required to excel above the rest of the competition. Instead, they flounder in mediocrity.

It’s true. To rise above and remain on top of the tide of mediocrity, talent, ability, and giftedness alone will not suffice. Discipline is required. For it is through the furnace of discipline that talent, ability, and giftedness are refined.

How is discipline developed? Easy. Take the next step. Often, we are consumed with doubt and uncertainty because we face what seem to be insurmountable odds. From our current vantage point, we see no acceptable solutions. But, that’s not the case. Many times, the solution we seek is available to us but it’s just around the corner. And since our vision is not designed to see around corners, we must approach the corner in order to identify the solution.

In order to complete a marathon, the runner need only continue to take the next step. Doctorate degrees are completed by going to class one more day. At first, we graduate with the Bachelors, then the Masters, and off to the next step. There will be opposition, setback, and the occasional misfortune. Guaranteed! But the disciplined person anticipates that difficulties will arise and develops a contingency plan.

Discipline encourages us to take the next step. When we take the next step we are guaranteed to not quit. When we remain in the competition, we increase the chances that we win. Take the next step.

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