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What's Your Story?

One evening, I watched an episode of Celebrity Boss that featured Jackie Middleton (a.k.a. Darius Rucker of Hootie and the Blowfish), as a musician who appeared to be past his prime. On the show, individuals who have experienced success in their chosen fields go “back to their roots” to see what it’s like for others who may want to follow in the same path. When they are able to connect with someone, they become an agent of change for those individuals.

From the exchanges Jackie had with the various individuals, it occurred to me that everyone has a story. Everyone won’t be featured on a sixty minute television show, but I assure you that if we would only take time to listen, everyone has a story to tell.

“Jackie” asked a person to share what his ultimate dream was. The guy was a street musician, playing on the sidewalk and getting donations from people who passed by. The guy’s response caused me to stop and evaluate my own life. In paraphrase, he said “I stopped dreaming a long time ago. What I am doing now is living out my dream.”

What’s your story? What do you dream about? What inspires you? Are you living out your dreams or have you placed them on the proverbial ‘back burner’? Have you allowed someone else to steal your dream?

Avoid dream-stealers like you would avoid the plague. It is a crime to steal property: a purse, car, or even livestock. Doing so can deprive one of their livelihood. It should be an equally serious offense to steal a person’s dream. One of the greatest gifts given to humanity by the Creator is the ability to dream – not just with our eyes closed.

Resolve to chase after your dreams and NEVER allow anyone to steal them.

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