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One effective method for stress relief is deep breathing. There is an exchange that takes place where the old, oxygen-depleted air is removed from the body and we are able to get oxygen-rich blood disseminated throughout the body to all the organs and tissue. Research suggests that when we take a moment, slow down and breathe deeply, the message that is communicated to the brain is to relax. The brain, in return, sends out a message to the rest of the body that things are okay.

Often our minds and senses are bombarded to the point of information overload. We are receiving information from a variety of sources. There are countless demands for out attention – parents, children, friends, coworkers, supervisors, spouses or a significant other. And if that was not enough, we have to deal with the guilt we feel whenever we are unable to meet all of the expectations others place on us or those we place on ourselves. Many times, we imprison ourselves with our feelings and emotions.

Surely I am not suggesting that we abandon our responsibilities or shun our commitments. After all, it is when we keep our word and fulfill those things to which we have committed that we build up our character and reinforce our integrity.

But there will be times when you are unable to fulfill a commitment? There will be situations where things turn out differently than planned? When this happens, are you embarrassed or ashamed? How much time passes before you get up the courage to once again be in the company of the person or people who are aware of your shortcoming? Do you, at times, fail to forgive yourself long after everyone else has already forgiven you? Do you hold on too long?

So many people are ‘Waiting to Exhale’. In the literal sense, they are walking around with oxygen-depleted air in their body. It no longer has any value. By continuing to hold it in their body, they are closer to dying. It is similar in the spiritual. Holding on to things and people whose usefulness has expired is of no value to you. The longer you hold on, regardless of who or what it is, the greater the time delay in getting what you need to sustain you.

What are some things you need to let go? Are there some relationships that you are holding on to that have outlived there usefulness? Maybe it is time that you experienced a RELEASE!

Share your thoughts.

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