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Why Is Your Vision Blurred?

As a child, I was very competitive - maybe I still am. I think I got it from my parents. My mom, who is in her 80’s, is still an aggressive basketball player. My dad, who is older than my mom, refuses to lose in a game of checkers. It was so bad that I was competitive about things that I did not fully understand. Once my brother came home and announced that he had 20/20 vision. “Well, I have 20/40”, I said, thinking that if he has 20/20 and that is good, 20/40 must be better.

Well, thankfully, I have good vision. But regardless of how good my sight is, I have had to accept that there are so many areas of my life in which my vision is blurred. There are so many things that I just don't see accurately.

What causes blurred vision? No, I am not talking about those inherited genetic traits. There is a simple solution for those. All we need to do is visit an optometrist, get our eyes checked, and find a set of corrective eye-wear. I am wondering what reasons contribute to our inability or unwillingness to look at situations accurately. Why do we miss opportunities or repeat mistakes? Are there certain failures that we could have avoided if we were able to see things from a different perspective? I think so. But in order to capitalize on those opportunities, sometimes, we need another set of eyes. It’s during those times, that our vision is tied directly to our hearing.

The reality is that unless you are surrounded by mirrors you only see one side of yourself compared to what others see. Wise people seek and listen to feedback. Do people tell you things to try to save you from embarrassment? Is there toilet paper on your shoes? Is your skirt tucked in your panty hose? Trusted friends (and children) can tell us things about ourselves that we may not know. When they do, it is wise to learn to accept their comments with gratitude.

There will be times when the input we receive is off base. The person offering the observation may not have had all the facts. If we believe their intentions were designed with our best interest in heart, we thank them. However, if the input was intended for our destruction, we still thank the provider, for it is through the input that we are more thoroughly informed and better positioned to respond appropriately. We will understand those who are intent on helping us achieve our greatest good and those who intent is for our destruction. Our vision will be 20/20.

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