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This Looks Familiar

Frequently, as part of one of my training programs, I conduct an exercise in perception. I project an image on the screen and ask the participants to tell me what they see. It was always entertaining to listen to the responses and watch the facial expressions as they struggled to identify the picture on the screen. Eventually, the room was filled with oohs, ahhs, and laughter for some as they saw it. However, for others the exercise ended in frustration, because regardless of how long the picture remained on the screen, and in spite of all the assistance from the neighboring participants, certain individuals were unable to “see” what the others saw.

Success, like the images projected on the screen, are easy for certain individuals to identify. All through life they have experienced positive, pleasing outcomes. For them, it seems as though everything they touch proverbially “turns to gold.” For others, trying to identify and experience the joy of walking successfully seems to be an exercise in frustration and futility. It seems for them, when nature was giving out the ‘green thumb’ for success, they were overlooked. This need not be the case.

Success leaves clues. Have you ever noticed that successful people hang around other successful people? Not only do they routinely experience success, but they take joy and comfort in sharing their experiences with each other.

I have come to understand that success leaves a trail of clearly distinguishable prints that can be discovered by the eye that is trained to find them. A child experiences success when she begins feeding. When a baby is able to hold the bottle alone, that is a success. Learning to speak, walk, talk or any other evidence of growth are all signs of success. Every person, and yes I said every person, experiences success.

So where then should we direct our attention? Our focus should be on learning to identify and celebrate the successful ventures from our past and then teaching the victorious person to learn how to repeat it. With repetition, the act becomes habit. Once we create good habits, we are able to transfer the principle from one area of our life to another – “If it worked for that, then it may work for this.”

Success, like money, happiness, and most of the other things we have come to appreciate, has no favorites. It will come to anyone and everyone who follows the clues. We’ve experienced it before. When we focus and concentrate on the image (our goals), success will suddenly become crystal clear and we will realize that this situation looks amazingly similar to something we have seen before.


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