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Out of Gas?

I have a few friends who are very good mechanics. They are the kind of individuals who are able to hear the description of a problem over the phone and determine a set of possible solutions; in some cases, accurately diagnosing the problem. With the right set of tools, as one said, “If it runs on gas or diesel, I can fix it.” Me, on the other hand, I am a skilled phone mechanic. What’s the difference? One group uses the tools to fix the problem. I use the phone to call them.

On one occasion I was called to come to the aid of a friend who was experiencing vehicle problems. She explained, “I was driving down the road and the car sputtered, then shut off. I tried to start it and it would start but then cut off again.” Even with my limited skill set, there is one thing that I have come to understand when I encounter a stalled vehicle on the side of the road. The hood was raised but I knew to sit in the driver’s seat. I turned the ignition and immediately discovered the problem. (Even without being there, by now you have probably figured out the problem.) The gauge that indicated the fuel level was behind the “E”.

On another occasion, I came across a vehicle sitting in the parking lot with a driver who was utterly frustrated because her car would not start. She told me that the vehicle had fuel. She turned the ignition and nothing happened. The battery cable was tight, radio, horn and lights worked. However, her car was in gear, which prevented it from starting. Although the scenarios differed, the outcome was the same. Neither person was making any progress.

A FULL tank of gas with an engine that is running but in “Park” will get you no further than if you had no gas at all. The greater benefit is realized when you not only possess things that achieve greatness, but do something with them. The psalmist wrote, “… and he shall be like a tree that brings forth its fruit in its season and whatsoever he DO shall prosper.” It sounds like some action is required on our part.

If it seems that you are fueled up with potential but you have been stuck in this place for a long time, try putting your vehicle in gear. Get up and do something. Many experts agree that action is the greatest weapon to overcoming mediocrity. You may be amazed at the results!

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