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A Goal Mind is a Gold Mine

During the 2017 National Basketball Association (NBA) playoffs, there was quite a bit of anticipation for the Warriors / Cavaliers trilogy. The two teams were coming together to settle the rubber match. Both teams were healthy. There were no suspensions. There were no excuses. The Warriors won in a less-than-climactic fashion. If you were a Cavaliers fan, it was not a happy time.

One could argue until they are blue in the face about who was the best player on the court during the finals. Was it Kevin Durant, the person selected the Most Valuable Player? Or was it Stephen Curry, the feared sharp shooter? Maybe you thought it was Lebron James, the player who, although he was on the losing team, averaged a triple-double for the series. However, my focus is not on the game. In fact, it’s not on the team or the players. My focus is on the basketball hoop – the goal.

Imagine for a moment how frustrating it would have been – for the players, coaches and the fans – if during the game neither team had a goal to place the ball into. As talented as he turned out to be, Kevin Durant would never have hit the game winning three-pointer if there was no goal. Tabbed the greatest player in the world today, Lebron would never have connected on one of his thunderous dunks if there was no basket. So,if they could not have succeeded without a goal, it stands to reason that we, too, face insurmountable odds if we have no goals.

It has been reported that studies have proven that people who set goals and commit their goals to writing are much more likely to reach those goals than the individuals who do not set them at all. I have heard it said that a goal that is not written down is only a dream.

A GOAL mind is a GOLD mine. People who consistently land in the upper percentile for finances and accomplishments are individuals who have learned the art of setting and achieving their goals. They have well thought-out goals that they have committed to paper and shared with an accountability partner. Whenever obstacles arise, they understand the goal is one worth fighting for and they press forward.

Napoleon Hill, in his classic book, Think and Grow Rich, said that Andrew Carnegie once had about 43 millionaires in his employ. When asked how he was able to hire so many millionaires, Mr. Carnegie replied that they were not millionaires when he hired them. He said he learned to look for the individuals who had the potential but he did so using the same method one uses when looking for gold. He said you have to move a lot of dirt in order to find the gold. But you don’t go looking for the dirt. You look for the gold.

In between your two ears lies a gold mine. Learn to set goals and commit them to writing. Review them often. Before you know it, you will have hit pay dirt!

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