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Hi! My name is John and I love to fish! There, I’ve confessed to it. It is a shared passion for some of the men in my family. When we are on the boat we spend time sharing stories, encouraging each other or just being in each other’s company. Catching fish is always our goal, but it’s simply enjoyable just being out in the boat.

I used to watch TV shows that showed the host catching one fish after another. It seemed that on every cast, they were pulling one in. Imagine my initial shock and disbelief when I would get on the water and pull up to a spot and not catch a single fish. So, on those occasions when we found a location where there was a lot of activity, we put out an anchor to keep us in the spot where they were biting. The anchor did its job and those were fun days.

On one occasion, however, when I got ready to come back in my boat would not start. I needed to be towed back to shore. Someone agreed to assist. They tossed me a rope and I tied on. The ride back seemed difficult. I remembered looking at the size of the motor on the other boat and thinking that it should not have to struggle so much to pull me in. Eventually, we made it back to the dock and I untied. I planned to paddle the rest of the way to the ramp. I strained to move the boat. I would make a little progress and then it seemed that I returned back to where I was. I did this a few times. And then I discovered the reason for the difficulty. You guessed it. I forgot to pull up the anchor. Thankfully, all I had was some grass and mud. It could have been a lot worse – for me and for the other boat.

The anchor is intended to hold the boat in place. Trying to move the boat with the anchor in place can slow progress and cause significant damage. Are there things or people in our lives who slow our progress and significantly damage our potential? Pull up the anchor where possible. If you can’t pull it up, cut the rope and leave the anchor so you can move forward.

Have you noticed that you seem to be stuck in the same place, with the same people, doing the same things? Too often, our progress is hindered because of ties we have to our current situations or our past. You have probably heard it before. Not everyone is willing to go where you want to go or do what you are willing to do to better position you for your destiny. Maybe it’s time to cut the rope. It doesn’t have to be personal. It is only a matter of choosing to become the person you were intended to become.

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