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It's the Law

I find it interesting how certain laws are enforced differently than other laws. At the risk of maintaining a level of credibility, I must confess that there have been laws that I have disobeyed. Although I am confident that I am not alone in this, I do not recommend that my actions are ever adopted by the masses. I would never recommend that one consciously disobey a law. But it happens on a daily basis.

It is not my intent so start a dialogue about whether or not it is okay to occasionally bend the law. Regardless of whether we discuss it or not, there seems to be a pervasive mindset that it is okay, or even expected that sometimes we are to defy the law. After all, how many times have we heard or stated that “Rules were made to be broken”? If you never made that statement, maybe this one is a little closer to home – “It’s easier to get forgiveness than it is to get permission.” It is my desire to bring attention to the outcomes we experience when we choose to ignore the established laws.

In many cases it is possible to break a law without being aware that you were doing it. Once, I was on lunch and was going to a popular sandwich shop that I often frequented. When I made a left-hand turn to go in the parking a police officer turned in behind me and asked me what I was doing. “I am on lunch and I was going to get a sandwich.” “You just made an illegal left turn”, he stated. I told him that I had no idea that I could not turn there. He believed me and let me go. Later, I went back to the street where I made the turn and sure enough there was a small sign on the wires hanging across the roadway that read “No Left Turn.”

There are other times when we make decisions to intentionally break the law, hoping that we will go undetected by the individuals who serve to enforce the law. Sometimes we go unnoticed – sometimes we get caught. There are some laws, man-made, that, if violated, may not result in any undesired outcomes. But there are other laws – referred to as Universal Laws or laws of nature – that are always enforced and always produce a set of consequences.

Strive to know the difference between that which is a practice and that which is a law. Some people exercise practices thinking it is a law. Others violate laws thinking it is a practice. If you continually choose not to shower, although it may be offensive, it is not illegal. However, breaking universal laws (of any kind) can be offensive and carry grave consequences.

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