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It Is Not Fair

Have you noticed that there are some people who seem to get all the breaks in life while others seem only to get break-ups or breakdowns? For the individual dealing with the latter, we often hear the cry, “That is not fair!”

Most can understand if a person is giving their all to make the most of a set of unfortunate incidents and it appears that whenever they “take one step forward”, it seems life pushes them two steps back. I was speaking with a well-respected friend of mine and she proclaimed, “That’s life!” To deny the inevitability of unfortunate circumstances is as unrealistic as denying the need for oxygen to breathe.

Hard Times is an unwelcome guest who often comes unannounced to all – people, residences, and businesses. However, each of us can choose whether or not we offer him an extended stay or long-term lease agreement. The author and executor of the lease is our attitude.

I believe in the concept of seasons. I believe in the universal law of cause and effect. I believe in action and reaction. There will be times, of course, when we are subject to the actions, or reactions of others. (Remember the time when you were sitting at the red light minding your own business and someone decided to have a brief, but abrupt, introduction to your rear bumper?)

Many times we have to deal with disappointing events and circumstances. We may not get the promotion, for which we were the most qualified. There are times when a hurricane produces rain that continues for an extended period and results in flooding. Lightning starts fires. There are acts of nature and acts of mankind. From these situations, many don’t survive and others never overcome. And we often adopt the mindset that “It’s not fair!”

For those of us who survive, the one thing that life offers to everyone is an opportunity to choose. We can’t always choose the conditions but we can always choose our attitude toward the conditions. That is the one thing that we can always depend on to be fair.

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