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It's Time For Change

I love to watch children with helium-filled balloons – at least, until the balloon slips out of their hands and floats away. I don’t really like that part because of the sadness on the face of the child. But there does not have to be any disappointment. The child with a plan (or the parent who has experienced it before) secures the balloon to the child or places some form of an anchor to the balloon to allow the child to enjoy the experience without having to deal with the loss. As long as the balloon is tied to something, it will only go as far as the rope and can be pulled back at will.

Many people use a similar method for dealing with change. Maybe it’s because of some disappointments in the past. It could be due to insecurity about the future. Regardless of the reason, so many people will anchor themselves or their situations to a rope. When questioned about a situation, the person can honestly respond, “I have let it go.” But what they fail to acknowledge is that, although it’s gone, they can retrieve it on demand.

Too many people are afraid to make a demand on themselves. Often, we fear unknown. The mindset seems to be, “Even though the current situation is undesirable, at least I know what is going on. I am comfortable here. If I move to something different, it may be worse than it is now.” There is truth to that line of thinking. A new job could be worse. A new city could bring its own set of problems. The next relationship may fail. However, each of those situations may be just the thing that’s needed to put you on the path to the life you were destined to live.

I have heard it said that the only thing that will never change is the fact that things will always change. When confronted with change we have a choice to be victimized by it or victorious through it. But it seldom occurs when we are unaffected by it.

When a person says they are ready for change, often the translation is that they are ready for COMFORT. What they usually want is to go back to the place where it doesn’t hurt as much. The truth is that without change, going back to the comfortable place leaves us on the same road that gets us back to where we are now. In most cases, making positive changes require a level of discomfort, and sometimes pain – at least for a while.

Change is seldom comfortable but when appropriately confronted, often results in significant improvements to our lives. I can guarantee with a reasonable certainty that there are some areas in each of our lives – things that we need to start doing or things that we need to stop doing – that will benefit by change. And the change could make us better.

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