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Make A Decision

The Scriptures instruct us to get wisdom and get understanding. To often we delay the completion of our desired outcomes because we concentrate on mapping out all of the steps for the entire process. The end result… nothing gets done. It’s called paralysis by analysis.

When we decide to do a thing, especially when it is the right action for the situation, often that is all we actually need to position us for a positive outcome. I am not suggesting that planning and preparation are not required. In fact, I highly recommend both. Just like a vehicle needs a source of power to move from one place to another, our decisions require proper planning and preparation. But planning is never a substitution for action.

We can meet and discuss an idea “until the cows come home," but the discussion must produce something valuable. Meetings that revolve around the discussion that warns us this is not the time to move or the direction to take is time well spent. But with each meeting, there should be an actionable item - something that someone is assigned to do that can be measured. Planning is essential but we cannot open the door to a set of blueprints or turn the keys to three-ring binders. We have to make a decision and take action. Here are some steps to help with the DECISION…

D – Describe the desired outcome

E – Evaluate alternatives

C – Consult wise counsel

I – Investigate options

S – Seek and gather resources

I – Initiate action

O – Observe progress

N – Negotiate results and make adjustments

Remember – it’s not the process but it is making a decision – the right decision.


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