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Sacrifice or Investment?

How often do we come across a person who goes all out or gives it their all?

Many look at the individual and question why they do it. For the lesser inspired, the thought may be, "Now, they are doing too much." Or, "It doesn't take all of that."

To the committed individual, the thought is often, "Why aren't they doing more?" or "It's going to take more than that."

Sadly, I have found there seems to be a shortage of individuals who understand and value commitment. And, if I am allowed a moment of transparency, I confess that it is difficult for me to remain committed to something for which I have little or no interest. In those situations, I catch myself wondering and wandering.

However, when it comes to the thing I feel I was created to do, my mindset is like that of a quote I heard sometime ago. Attributed to George Bush, the quote says, "You are either a part of the steamroller or part of the pavement." Either you are going to help me accomplish what I am supposed to do or you will get crushed as I march toward the end goal.

That is how we are to envision commitment to our call, our purpose, the thing we were born to do. And I want to encourage others to embrace the same mindset. I believe that there is something inside of us that beckons us, inspires us, call us to an end. In pursuit of it, we are left with the "I can't help it" mindset

There is no purpose trying to explain it to people. Those who get it will understand. Those who don't get it, well, they never will.

The Pacific Salmon travels thousands of miles on a journey to return to the place of its birth. Why? Because, that is how it makes its contribution to the next generation. On the journey, there is peril, trial, difficulty, and for many, calamity. And, even for the successful journeyer, there is but one outcome.

I wonder. Is the commitment for the salmon a sacrifice or an investment? How do you view the cost for you to fulfill your call?

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