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Breakdown or Breakthrough


In part one of this series, we explored the preparatory steps the caterpillar took to position itself to successfully navigate its period of isolation. It made the necessary investment in itself so when the time came, it would come out transformed.

But, as you are rightfully thinking, that investment preceded the isolation period. If you had known before that you were going to be forced to socially distance yourself, to be isolated from everything you call normal, you, too, may have made a greater investment in yourself so you could capitalize on the current conditions.

Well, I have two thoughts on that line of thinking:

1) You are correct. I don’t think many of us ever imagined that we would experience something like this in our lifetime. (Of course, someone imagined it. That is why movies like Outbreak and programs like Containment can seem so real.)

2) Why wouldn’t you prepare as if the worst that could happen would happen. Today, it is the pandemic. In a few months it could be a hurricane for states along the coasts. There may be more fires in the West or Midwest. Some states are going to have to deal with flooding and/or dry weather. In other words, there will always be levels of unfortunate conditions for some of us.

My mom is known for her decision to take a stand against getting blindsided by the same thing twice. She says, “Okay, you got me that time. But, you can believe, you will not get me a second time with that again.”

Something is going to happen. Like the caterpillar, during the isolation, let’s prepare to be prepared for it, should/when it comes.

The caterpillar, once it is attached to the branch, begins to wiggle, shake, and maneuver inside. The entire process is one in which it literally forces its way out of itself. Because it has grown so much prior to the point, it cannot remain the same.

Some will experience this time and break down. The caterpillar sheds its outer skin; its outer limits. Everything that held it in place, that formed and shaped its current identity is torn away. In this isolation, you can become such a force for change that everything that others associated with your former self can be erased. How does that happen? By reflecting and digesting the materials we discussed in the previous article. You, just like the caterpillar, can remake yourself.

I understand that others formed their perception of you based on who you were, but you have always known that there was something more you had to give. All you needed was the opportunity to reveal to the world who you really are.

This is your opportunity!

You will not break down. You will break through. Spread your wings. Catch the wind. Prepare to soar. Honestly, all your life has prepared your for this time. You were made for this. You CAN come out of this different than you were before! You WILL come out of this better than you were before!

Begin and complete your TRANSFORMATION in ISOLATION!

In our next article, we will look at the eagle. Surely, there are lessons we can learn to help us maximize on our current circumstances.

Share your thoughts or leave your comments on other ways you are looking to maximize your personal and professional growth during this time of isolation.

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