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A couple years ago, one of my daughters came up with an idea that was intended to continually redirect our attention to the areas of our lives that we often take for granted. Here is the idea in her words…

“The little things” stuck out to me; like how on a hot day, after a long run, a gentle breeze would sweep by at the very moment I wanted to give up. Or when a situation was just not working out and a person “happens” to say something that solves the exact problem.

Life is all about the little things...if we pay attention.”

Here is my interpretation of her thought…

At the end of last year, my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two years prior, she was in a car accident (no one was hospitalized but her vehicle, “Laurie,” was totaled. In the accident, my mom remembers hitting her left breast against the steering wheel. She expressed that she experienced pain from the accident, and occasionally the pain would ‘bother her’ but, if you know my mom, she kept pressing through the pain; never sharing with any of us what was going on.

The pain never subsided. In October of last year, she decided to go to her doctor to have it checked out. They noticed the lump and began the steps to investigate a little further. Fast forward to our annual Christmas dinner, where all the siblings are now discussing the steps we need to take to get a better understanding of what’s going. We had to begin to decipher some of the encrypted messages we were getting from mom.

The first quarter of 2020 was filled with doctor appointments, group conferences, some negotiating with mom about the appropriate course of action, (actually, there was a LOT of negotiating with mom about the appropriate course of action but that’s a whole ‘nother story) and eventually surgery.

On March 18, 2020, my mom collapsed at the dining room table. My sister was there and my nearly 84 year-old dad, with the assistance of the emergency dispatcher’s pre-arrival instructions, had to do chest compressions to revive Mom prior to the paramedics arriving. For the first time since the birth of my youngest sister, my mom spent a night in the hospital. Once again, there was some negotiating regarding getting her to agree to go and remain in the hospital-you have to know my mom to really appreciate what I am saying.

“What does this have to do with the little things?” you might ask. Here it is. My mom, 82 years old, is a very healthy lady. Even now, after her surgery, we have to continually “hold her back” from going out to her garden to begin planting for the spring. Although my mom was recovering from cancer surgery, the tests and observations during her stay in the hospital revealed that it was not the cancer that caused her collapse. Although she needed chest compressions to be revived, her heart was not the reason she collapsed. The reason my mom collapsed and almost left us was because she was dehydrated. Something as little as not consuming enough fluids almost did what cancer could not do.

During this time of turmoil while dealing with COVID-19, everyone is giving so much attention to social distancing, hand-washing, face masks and sanitizing our environments. And rightfully so. But, do not forget to closely monitor the other things like our mental well-being, our medications, our blood pressure and diabetes, and other conditions, that, if not attended to, can also cause us to experience medical emergencies and maybe worse. Continue to check-in with family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to make sure they are doing well.

Oh, and by the way… Mom worked in her gardens-yes, plural-today. You just have to know my mom.

If you have not had someone to affirm your greatness today, allow me the privilege of reminding you that U*R IMPT (You Are Important!) Let’s TELL EVERYONE-EXCLUDE NO ONE-REACH SOMEONE with this message.

Share your thoughts or leave your comments on other ways you are positively impacting the lives of others around you.

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