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Transformation in Isolation-Part 1

Unfortunately, many people have lost, and many others will lose their lives as a result of this affliction. Nobody wants that! And it is quite possible that some of us may be affected at a personal level; where our loved ones are diagnosed or presumed positive from this virus. Our approach is to pray for and with all of those individuals and their families who are impacted. For many of us, however, this legislated self-quarantine may be the best thing to happen to us in quite some time. Whether we want to acknowledge it or not, a lot of us were tired, exhausted, feeling overwhelmed, and ready to give up. Although isolation may not be the preferred way to address the issues confronting us, if we choose to play the hand we've been dealt, there is a way to make the most of it. Over the next few days I will be sharing some strategies that will allow us to capitalize on our current situation. Please note that I did not say monetize but capitalize on it. In other words, there are ways that we can maximize our personal growth by looking at how nature responds to isolation.

The first example that we will explore is the caterpillar. As we all know, every butterfly and every moth that we see flying around, from flower to flower, from light to light, once crawled upon the ground. Today, they are flying. Before, they were crawling.  In between the time they crawled around on the ground and when they floated on the winds, bringing beauty and joy to nature, there was a period of isolation. In order for the butterfly to enjoy the freedom that it experiences today, even before the caterpillar was locked away in isolation, there were some specific things that it did that positioned it to maximize on the isolation and experience complete transformation. Caterpillars are voracious readers, I mean eaters.The caterpillar eats practically everything in sight in preparation for its time of isolation. In fact, the caterpillar begins by eating the actual egg or covering from which it was born. And it consumes everything around until it is ready to go into isolation.  It has been reported that all leaders are readers; taking every opportunity to prepare themselves for the journey ahead. Because the caterpillar made it a priority to consume, ingest, invest in itself on every opportunity available, it was from those decisions that it has all the nutrients needed to sustain itself during its time of isolation. In this quarantine: 1. Look back on some of the things that you have been reading, listening to, watching, observing from the past. There are, without a doubt, materials that you came across in earlier settings that could be of value for you today. 2. Go back and review your manuals and seek to become a subject matter expert on a particular area of your profession that will require specialization once this is over. 3. Look at past training programs and review the materials where you had those amazing ideas while sitting in the program but, because of the demands of the job, you were unable to implement when you got back to your way of life. 4. Review your journals and look at the promises you made to yourself before you reverted back to your old habits.. Find ways to implement them now. 5. Reconnect with a mentor. Ask for permission to schedule a phone call or a video conference and find out from them some ideas that they may be able to share with you to help you be able to successfully coming out on the other side of this time of isolation. These are but a few suggestions that can facilitate your TRANSFORMATION IN ISOLATION.

Next time we will look at how the caterpillar makes itself so uncomfortable in its current situation that the only possible option is growth and expansion.

Share your thoughts or leave your comments on other ways you are looking to maximize your personal and professional growth during this time of isolation.

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